Facing Lee Do Hyun’s drama, Lee Hyo Ri’s show “Dancing Queens on the Road” struggles in the rating competition

Released amid the competition of successful dramas, the new show “Dancing Queens on the Road” recorded a lower-than-expected rating.

Airing the first episode on May 25th, “Dancing Queens on the Road” tells about the national concert tour in which Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, BoA, and Hwasa travel around the country, enter the daily lives of people, meet fans face to face and enjoy music together. This project, which began with Lee Hyo Ri’s idea during the filming of TVing’s program “Seoul Check-in”, drew explosive responses as it gathered female solo artists representing various generations of the music industry, from the 1980s to the 2020s, in one place.


The five female singers, who have a combined career experience of 129 years, brought laughter to viewers with their witty remarks and professional appearances in the first episode of “Dancing Queens on the Road”. Regarding the “retirement rumors”, Lee Hyo Ri playfully commented, “People say I retired in words only. Because of this program, I even joined an agency”. The youngest member Hwasa confidently expressed her preference for unexpected guerrilla concerts, saying “I actually like this kind of impromptu thing”.


Lee Hyo Ri even shed tears while watching BoA recall her “No.1” era in the very first broadcast, but the show’s rating fell below expectations. “Dancing Queens on the Road” recorded 3.2%, placing behind TV Chosun’s “Mr. Lotto” and SBS’s “The Story of the Day Biting the Tail”, which ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively, among variety shows aired at the same broadcasting time. However, there is hope for an improvement in the rating of “Dancing Queens on the Road” because “Mr. Lotto” dropped by 1.3% compared to the previous week.


The problem lies in the drama it is competing with at the moment. JTBC’s Wed-Thu drama “The Good Bad Mother”, which started with 3.6% in episode 1 then went viral and achieved a breakthrough in rating performance by surpassing 10% in the May 25th broadcast (episode 10). This drama is currently the biggest rival of “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

Although 3.2% is not a very low figure, but considering the appearances of Lee Hyo Ri and other top female singers as well as the fact that it is a music variety show project by PD Kim Tae Ho, the result of this program is quite disappointing.


PD Kim Tae Ho and Lee Hyo Ri’s previous show “Canada Check-in” released on tvN also suffered poor ratings in the range of 1% as it was aired in the same time slot with a famous drama. “Canada Check-in” faced “Reborn Rich”, which nearly reached 20% rating from the first episode, and recorded only 1.6%. Later, the show’s rating jumped to 2.1% in episode 3 but fell back to the 1% range as Lee Bo Young’s “Agency” was released as a follow-up drama to Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich”.


In fact, the value of a program cannot be simply evaluated based on ratings alone. By capturing Lee Hyo Ri’s sincerity and tears when interacting with dogs, “Canada Check-in” conveyed meaningful content beyond its rating performance. Since it was not planned and produced with the sole intention of achieving high ratings, the program did not get criticized for getting low ratings.

However, “Dancing Queens on the Road” is a program deliberately created by PD Kim Tae Ho and the cast, so the public’s attention is naturally drawn to whether it will be successful or not. Hopefully, the show will rank 2nd in the OTT platform TVing’s content ranking, following “The Good Bad Mother”. Since “The Good Bad Mother” only has 4 episodes left, there may be an opportunity for “The Good Bad Mother” to see an upward trend in ratings.

Source: Daum

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