Golden Disc Awards 2023: J-Hope proudly received award on BTS’ behalf, IVE was wrapped up in cotroversy for “inauthentic” reaction 

The “Golden Disc Awards” 2023 (GDAs 2023) took place with many memorable moments. 

The Golden Disc Awards 2023 took place on January 7th in Bangkok, Thailand, gathering a stellar lineup of veteran and rookie artists in K-pop. The stage performances and award winners were the talk of the town. 

J-Hope received “Album of the Year (Daesang)” on behalf of BTS, BLACKPINK won awards without being present 

BTS continued their winning streak by earning “Album of the Year (Daesang)” with their album “Proof.” He took the award on the group’s behalf and shared his genuine gratitude to loyal fan community. 

j-hope thumbnail
J-Hope received the award on BTS’ behalf 

BLACKPINK also won “Best Album (Bonsang)” with their second studio album “BORN PINK” even when they were absent from the award show. 

BLACKPINK won “Best Album”
blackpink conccert
BLACKPINK and their concert “BORN PINK” took place at the same time and in the same city with the GDAs 2023 

Lack of activitity controversy involving Treasure and PSY 

It came as a surprise for both Treasure and the public when the group won the “Best Group” award despite only releasing their mini album on the first half of last year. While their b-side “DARARI” had strong coverage on social media, more than their title track “Jikjin,” Treasure’s achievement and media effect were said to not be as big or many as those of other fourth-generation girl groups. 

Treasure won “Best Group” 

As a veteran in the industry, PSY was also said to be not “impressive enough” to receive the “Artist of the Year” award. While he collaborated with Suga (BTS) in “That That” and achieved several accomplishments, the public was not easily persuaded. They thought it would be more believable for PSY to receive the award in 2012 when he was at his peak of popularity. 

PSY won “Artist of the Year,” raising controversy 

IVE gained attention for their “inauthentic” reaction 

When IVE won “Song of the Year (Daesang)” with “Love Dive, viewers felt they were being “over-the-top” when Wonyoung, Gaeul and Rei looked directly in the camere to show their surprised reactions. 

IVE at the GDAs 2023 
Their reactions when they were announced winner received mixed feedback 

The “inauthenticity” caused a stir among netizens. They believed IVE “focused too much” on expressions and forgot about other skillset, making them less “youthful” and “natural.” 

Full winner list of Golden Disc Awards 2023:

Daesang – Song of the Year: “Love Dive” – IVE

Daesang – Album of the Year: “Proof” – BTS

Bonsang – Best Digital Song: NewJeans, Lim Young Woong, IVE, Kim Minseok, (G)I-DLE, Jay Park, PSY, BIGBANG


Best Rookie Artists: NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, IVE

Best Group: TREASURE

Thai Kpop Artist: SEVENTEEN

Best Solo Artists: Younha, BE’O

Best Performance: SEVENTEEN

Best Producer: PD Seo Hyun Joo – Starship Entertainment

Best R&B/Hip Hop: Big Naughty

TikTok Golden Disc Most Popular Artist: BTS

Most Popular Artist: Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE

Artist of the Year: PSY

Source: k14

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