Suzy, “Looking beautiful is also guilty? I’ll pay for my guilt”

Singer-actress Suzy shed tears after finishing the filming of “Anna”.

A video titled “‘Introduction to Suzy’ Professor Anna Lee” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Suzy’s agency Management SOOP on July 11th.

The video showed Suzy filming the drama “Anna”. Suzy showed different appearances, including refreshing Yumi, college student and repeater Yumi, working Yumi who succeeded in getting a job, university professor Anna and the wife of Seoul mayor candidate. In the cold winter weather, Suzy worked hard to warm up her feet next to the stove.


After filming “Anna”, Suzy found an event prepared by the staff. She wore a crown on her beanie and said, “Now it really feels like it’s over!”, She smiled and continued, “Thank you. It’s too early in the morning so I wasn’t expecting this”.

When asked, “Beauty is also guilty. Anna, do you admit your guilt?”, Suzy humbly said, “Yes, Anna is guilty”. The caption “Anna & Suzy are both guilty” was added.


When the staff said, “You have been sentenced to an hour of community service to be on Soopoiler…”, Suzy said, “Again like this… Soopvely… I’ll pay for my guilt”

When asked about her feelings after finishing filming “Anna” in Korea, Suzy looked at the staff and said, “I think I’m going to cry”. Suzy, whose big eyes were filled with tears, shyly said, “It’s all acting”. 


Later, she said, “Everyone put so much work in…”, then stamped her feet and turned her back to the camera to hide her tears.

Suzy said her final goodbye, “Everyone worked hard to film ‘Anna’, so please give it a lot of love and interest.”


Coupang Play’s original series “Anna” led by Suzy tells the story of a woman who starts living a completely different life starting with a trivial lie. 6 episodes were released, wrapping up on July 8th. The expanded version will be dropped in August.


Source: Nate

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