All members of ONF to join the military together

ONF members will enlist at the same time.

On the evening of November 2nd, ONF announced on their official fancafe that except for U, the other 5 members, including Hyojin, E-Tion, J-us, Wyatt, and MK, will join the military together.

In his handwritten letter, Hyojin said, “Except for U, all members of ONF decided to enlist at the end of this year to fulfill our military duties.


He also added his feelings towards fans, “We want to meet FUSE (ONF’s fandom name) as a whole group as soon as possible, so after long considerations and discussion with the members, we made this decision. We hope that our heart can be delivered to FUSE.

Hyọin added, “ONF will come back safely and healthily. During that time, we will not forget about FUSE and will think of you every day. FUSE, please take care of our maknae – U while we’re away.”

J-us said, “Because we want to be together and sing together as a group of 6 members for a long time, so we decided to enlist at the same time.

He continued, “There is still one month left until our enlistment date. Therefore, rather than feeling sad, let’s make more happy memories to cheer ourselves up.

Meanwhile, ONF debuted in August 2017 and has received so much love from fans.

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