BIBI on “Nothing Much Prepared”, “I’m on a diet to wear a dress at Cannes. I’ll unzip my pants button to eat”

BIBI had a wild mukbang with Lee Young Ji before appearing at the Cannes Film Festival.

On May 26th, the Youtube channel “Nothing Much Prepared” uploaded a new content video featuring singer BIBI as a guest.


When the production staff said, “BIBI didn’t eat for the whole day for the program. She’s starving”, Lee Young Ji looked worried, saying “I should’ve ordered more deliveries”.

Seeing BIBI wear a cropped T-shirt, Lee Young Ji wondered, “Are you okay with your outfit today? Because it shows your stomach ache”. In response, BIBI said, “So I’m just going to unzip it. I can start eating while keeping this open. Because I’m so hungry”. BIBI shocked Lee Young Ji and the production staff when she suddenly opened her pants button.


BIBI shared, “I couldn’t eat jajangmyeon after I moved my house”, adding “I used to live nearby this place. A lot of rappers used to live there. Everyone leaves after they get famous. I left as well”.

Before they started drinking alcohol, Lee Young Ji asked BIBI, “Are you on a diet these days? By the way, you’ve lost too much weight”. BIBI said, “I need to wear a dress. I’ve got to wear a dress for the first time at Cannes in May”.

In response, Lee Young Ji advised, “Rather than eating, let’s drink a lot”. BIBI said, “I haven’t drunk for a long time. I’m really excited”.


Later, Lee Young Ji said, “I really felt you’re so friendly. We have the similar belly button shape”. BIBI reacted, “It’s an unfair belly button. When the belly button looks like this, it’s a pretty belly button. But my belly button is horizontal”. Lee Young Ji added, “That’s right”, and BIBI continued, “So that’s why you got your belly button pierced. I was thinking about getting it”.

Lee Young Ji commented, “But the piercing actually helps a lot”, adding “Some people think that the horizontal belly button is from the body fat. My belly button’s still horizontal even if I lose 20kg. Even if I get abs”.


In addition, it is known that BIBI wrote the lyrics for her own songs as well as TWICE’s “MORE&MORE” and Yena’s “SMILEY”. Lee Young Ji asked, “Was ‘MORE&MORE’ worth writing?”, BIBI replied, “Yeah, very much. I still bow toward the direction of JYP Company”. Lee Young Ji agreed, saying “Writing idol song lyrics… It’s so worth writing”.

Source: Nate

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