What’s behind the hype of the Korean blockbuster “Emergency Declaration”?

Korean action movie “Emergency Declaration” will introduce an intense and explosive cinematic work, as well as meaningful messages about humanity at the verge of death. 

Summer 2022 will introduce the audience to various high-anticipated movies, with star-studded casts full of talented and famous faces. Among those, the Korean disaster movie “Emergency Declaration”, produced by director Han Jae Rim is one of the most attractive works, with production costs raking up to around 25 billion won. 

In particular, “Emergency Declaration” follows a horrifying experience on the flight number KI501, Sky Korea, departing from Incheon International Airport to Honolulu, Hawaii. However, passengers on the plane suddenly contracted a strange virus which caused them to itch, cough up blood, and even die in pain. As a result, the pilot had to make an emergency declaration as the entire plan panicked. Only one question remains: how would the 150 passengers and crew members counter this deadly virus, 8,534 meters in the air? 

According to director Han Jae Rim, he has been looking forward to creating this disaster masterpiece for a long time. In addition, the movie’s filming commenced right before the COVID-19 pandemic, causing everyone to be surprised as their “deadly virus” happened in real life. As a result, “Emergency Declaration” was said to be spine-chillingly realistic. 

In addition, “Emergency Declaration” also boasts a star-studded cast, consisting of Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, and Im Si Wan. Combined with the talents of director Han Jae Rim, this will be a movie to look forward to. 

A representative of the Korean distributor Showbox shared, “Emergency Declaration is a work that has received such great attention that international film distribution units have decided to buy the film as soon as the project began its production. Foreign distributors, with high expectations from its premiere at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, are currently carrying out a lot of promotional activities for the film, setting great expectations for a box office hit this summer.

In Korea, in surveys with netizens, Emergency Declaration surpassed many big blockbusters like “Alienoid”, “Hunt”, and “Hansan” to become “the most anticipated movie of the summer“.  The Korean media likened ‘Emergency Declaration’ as “the summer of 2022”.

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