AOA’s Seolhyun reveals she was diagnosed with a worrisome eye problem 

Seolhyun let fans know about her eye condition through Instagram. 

On July 26, AOA’s Seolhyun posted on her Instagram story, saying, “I have otolithiasis.” She added, “If you have experienced the same symptoms as me, go see an otolaryngologist.”

Earlier, Seolhyun complained about the abnormality with her eyes by asking on Instagram, “Does anyone know what this is? The reality in front of me looks like a video call screen with disconnected Wi-Fi?”

At the time, fans left comments expressing concerns such as, “Does it get better after you sleep?” and “I think it can be orthostatic hypotension.” Seolhyun responded, “I don’t think it’s orthostatic hypotension. It’s the same when I sit down,” and “Thank you for worrying about me.”

Otolithiasis is an eye problem characterized by repeated symptoms of severe dizziness that seems to circulate around, lasting for a few seconds to a minute. Its original name was ‘benign paroxysmal positional vertigo‘ (BPPV), but recently it has been called ‘otolithiasis‘.

Dizziness occurs because a substance called otoliths flows down inside the semicircular canal. Otolith is located around the semicircular canal and is a substance involved in maintaining balance. The exact cause of the otolith falling from its original position and flowing into the semicircular canal has not been identified.

Otolithiasis may improve naturally, but if it continues to recur, it can be treated with otolith replacement surgery. However, if the dizziness repeats afterwards, it may be caused by other diseases, so getting an additional checkup is recommended.

Source: wikitree

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