Once canceled by the public, this child actress managed to make an excellent rebound with determination

This Japanese child actress returned strongly after getting heavily criticized by the public 

With their huge fame at a young age, many child actors and actresses would get involved in serious scandals, regardless of the nation they are from. However, some just get canceled for no issue at all, and the below actress is a prime example.

A top child actress who used to earn Hollywood recognition 

Born in 2004, Ashida Mana made her acting debut at the age of 5, via the short movie “ABC Short Movie 2: Daibokenmama”. At the time, the actress boasted a youthful innocence, cute appearance, as well as natural acting skills, and thus quickly became one of the most well-known celebrities in Japan back in the 2010s. One of her most iconic works is “Mother”, where she played Mana, an abused child spirited away by her teacher, who treats her kindly as if she’s the teacher’s own child. 

Thanks to “Mother”, Ashida Mana won Best Newcomer at the 65th Television Drama Academy Awards, alongside various others for her excellent performance. She then starred in various other hits, including “Confessions”, “Ghost: In Your Arms Again”, “Liar Game”, and even appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster “Pacific Rim” in 2013. As a result, she earned a huge amount of money, with high pay for every appearance.

With her hard-earned reputation, Ashida Mana then also breached into other realms, releasing music albums, MC at TV shows, attend variety programs, and do voiceover for domestic and foreign animations. The actress also received numerous CF offers, however, her widespread appearances soon become oversaturated, eventually earning her public ire. 

Hated for making too much money, couldn’t maintain her popularity 

Ashida Mana has entered the list of 10 highest-paid female artists in Japan with a fortune of up to $2.3 million (as of the end of 2012) at a very young age.  However, that was also the time when conflicting opinions about this child star began to appear. Many viewers think that Ashida Mana brings a negative image of being forced by her parents to become a star to get them money and fame. The stronger her career, the less time she has to study. This is also a bad sign in the eyes of the Japanese public, which values ​​education for children.

Mana has repeatedly been on the list of “Stars you wish to disappear from television” voted by the audience because she earns too much money from art work and neglects her studies.  However, the child star herself has strived for herself, proving to the audience that she can be both a star and a good student by passing the entrance exams of many top high schools with flying colors in 2017. Since then, the audience has started to have a more positive reaction to the “Pacific Rim” star.

Currently, Ashida Mana’s career has started to lose its stability.  At the age of 17-18, Mana’s beauty was not as fresh and plump as the features of her childhood. However, this didn’t affect her passion for acting much. The actress is still doing her best on the screen, recently making a well-received comeback in the movie “BL Metamorphosis” about the female lead befriending an old woman who loves to read comic books, or voiced for the character in the blockbuster “Godzilla vs.  Kong”.

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