Street Woman Fighter’s choreography creation mission ranking table selected by Jessi is leaked online

The ranking table of Street Woman Fighter's choreography creation mission, which Jessi personally selected, is drawing viewers' attention.

On October 14th, a post titled “Jessi’s mission rehearsal ranking by crews” was uploaded on various online forums in Korea.

Street Woman Fighter

The photo attached with this post is a scene from the episode of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter broadcast on October 12th. The ranking of 6 dance crews selected by Jessi, who saw the rehearsal of the first mission “Jessi’s new song choreography creation mission” can be seen. According to Jessi’s pick, YGX takes 1st place, followed by Prowdmon, Lachica, HolyBang, CocaNButter and Hook respectively. The ranking table is not revealed except for YGX, who ranked first at the time of the broadcast.

street woman fighter ygx scaled
prowdmon street woman fighter scaled

After seeing the post, netizens commented, “Hook is in 6th place? I’m shocked…”, “I thought Prowdmon isn’t really to Jessi’s taste, but I’m surprised”, “Jessi doesn’t seem to like sexy things”, “All dancers who used to work with Jessi are in low ranks?”…

Meanwhile, the crew chosen by Jessi and Psy on the latest broadcast was YGX. CocaNButter, which has been on the verge of elimination, was the No.1 crew in the midpoint result for the second semi-final “Man of Woman” mission.

cocanbutter street woman fighter scaled

Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter airs every Tuesday at 10:20 PM.

Source: Nate

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