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Se7en shares thoughts on Lee Da-hae’s male friend Kim Hee-chul, “It doesn’t matter to me” (Knowing Bros)

Se7en reacted coolly to the relationship between his girlfriend Lee Da-hae and Kim Hee-chul.

On JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on July 16th, masters of dance Chungha, Se7en and Kim Hee-jae appeared. Lee Sang-min asked Se7en, “I heard that Kim Hee-chul and Lee Da-hae were originally close, but they lost contact after Lee Da-hae started dating Se7en. Is that on purpose?” Se7en replied, “I’ve also become distant from my female friends since I started dating Lee Da-hae. I think we should do this if we’re dating someone.

Regarding this, Kim Hee-chul said, “But I met Se7en separately and had a drink.” Seo Jang-hoon asked Se7en, “Can your girlfriend meet Hee-chul?” Se7en surprised everyone by showing his free-spirited aspect, “It doesn’t matter to me. Hee-chul is fine.

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