Moon Ga Young and 5 Korean stars accept to be ugly and gain a lot of weight for their roles

These 6 actors had a too ugly appearance on the screen that it surprised the audiences.

Korean actors have always been known for their stunning looks, their beauty is considered the standard.  However, there are actors who are willing to sacrifice that beauty for their roles.

Here are the handsome actors and actresses who give up their beauty for the movies/dramas that we would like to introduce to you.

Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon is famous for his pompous and romantic appearance, but sometimes he shocks us because of his appearance. That’s when he transformed into the character On Joon Young in ‘The Third Charm’.

Joon Young is a genuine “nerd” guy with a silly, silly appearance. In the series, Seo Kang Joon had to wear braces, make a silly bang and wear thick glasses to look rustic, clumsy but also exudes the cuteness of a fool when in love.

Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin had an excellent incarnation when she played the role of “aunt” Mi Sok in ‘Crush And Blush’ (2008). To play the role of a woman who was betrayed, she gave up her inherent beauty and turned into an old aunt with a red face, drooping hair, and sloppy clothes.

In the series, Gong Hyo Jin always appears with a sullen face, her face as dull as lack of sleep. Not only that, the actress also saw her wearing dark clothes with messy hair, making her image less sharp.

Hwang Jung Eum

As Kim Hye Jin in ‘She Was Pretty’, Hwang Jung Eum impressed the audience with two contrasting images.  At first, she appeared with the image of an “ugly girl” through messy hair, a red face with chitinous freckles, and a boring, rustic dress. After that, Hye Jin turned into a beautiful woman, making people admire and praise her.

We think this “ugly” phase of Kim Hye Jin has become a classic of Korean dramas, also a typical image for girls to change, take care of their beauty in order to have a fresh and more beautiful life. 

Yoo In Na

The beauty Yoo In Na gained 3kg, “destroyed” her appearance when taking on the role of Go Dong Mi in ‘Happy Ending Once Again’. She has transformed into an “aunt” with a messy style and a strange personality, her appearance is unattractive with curly hair, a chubby body, and a face with glasses, full of freckles.

Lee Sung Kyung

Like her senior Yoo In Na, Lee Sung Kyung also accepted to gain weight for her role, she gained 5kg to play the female lead Bok Joo in ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’.

From a supermodel with a slim figure, Lee Sung Kyung has turned into a cool, strong girl like Bok Joo with a cute appearance and jagged hair. However, the audiences commented that Bok Joo was not ugly but looked very cute, close, extremely cute in every frame.

Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young had a “classic bad” incarnation through the role of Im Joo Gyeong in ‘True Beauty’.  She appeared with large black glasses, bold eyebrows, a red-spotted face, and a boring vintage fashion style.  She looks less beautiful, so loose, but when she puts on makeup, she is surprisingly beautiful, turning into a beauty that thousands of people love.

Similar to Kim Hye Jin, the role of Im Joo Gyeong is considered a big milestone for girls out there. As long as you take care of their appearance, you can make a difference distinctive.

Those are the actors who sacrificed for the art that we loves to share with you. It is because of this change, their breakthrough in acting when voluntarily incarnating their own beauty, has created excellent roles, making a deep impression on the audiences’ hearts, isn’t it?

Source: DAN

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