BTS and BLACK Lisa surpass Adele and other stars to dominate Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart

BTS and BLACKPINK Lisa surpassed many other artists both international and domestic to dominate the #1 and #2 position of a Billboard chart.

On the evening of October 22 (KST), Billboard introduced to the public a brand new chart called Billboard Hot Trending Songs. The Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter provides a real-time ranking of the most discussed songs on the social network worldwide, capturing conversation over the past 24 hours and past seven days.

Billboard Hot Trending Songs

A weekly version of the chart—covering activity from Friday to Thursday of each week—will also post alongside Billboard’s other weekly charts on its website and Twitter accounts. Recently, the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart for the first week was released with the top 20 positions as follows:

Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart for the first week is led by Permission To Dance of BTS, 2nd and 3rd places belong to Lisa (BLACKPINK) with 2 hits MONEY and LALISA.

Accordingly, BTS’ hit single “Permission to Dance” is already off to a quick start on the Billboard’s chart with their No.1 position in the first week. In the past 7 days, Permission To Dance has brought in more than 1 million mentions on Twitter. BTS also has two more songs in the top 20, My Universe featuring Coldplay (#5) and Dynamite (#11).

Ranked in 2nd and 3rd place are both BLACKPINK Lisa’s songs, respectively, Money with 917 thousand mentions and LALISA with 762 thousand mentions. Many Kpop representatives also appeared in the top 20 such as aespa’s Savage (#6), NCT127‘s Sticker (#8), Stray Kids‘ Thunderous (#9), TWICE‘s The Feels (#10), ITZY‘s Loco (#14), IU‘s strawberry moon (#20).

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