A shocking disclosure about ‘Street Woman Fighter’ ZSun: “living as a slave for a month”, revealing her cut hair

A disclosure about “Street Woman Fighter” CocaNButter ZSun was revealed.

On the evening of November 19th, an article was posted on an online community and titled, “I’m going to expose dancer ZSun, who appeared on ‘Street Woman Fighter’. The post’s author A did not reveal the dancer’s name, but anyone could easily figure out the name of CocaNButter ZSun (Kim Ji-sun) by the initials.

A, who has been enjoying dancing since she was young, registered for a dance class after accidentally watching Zsun’s performance video during her high school days. In 2017, they officially became a team and worked together.

Zsun CocaNButter

A said, “One day, the teacher suggested going to Jamaica to learn dancing together. At that time, the rest of the team members eventually left me alone because they had their own circumstances.”. According to A, she lived with ZSun from January 19th to February 20th, 2018, when she was 20 years old.

Zsun CocaNButter

In the meantime, she revealed that she became a slave to ZSun for a month. During this period, A was in charge of ZSun’s not only clothes but also underwear laundry, and she had to give ZSun a full-body massage before going to sleep. Following ZSun’s order, A also had to let ZSun cut her long hair, which came up to her waist. ZSun even scolded A, who had a bad expression because she was holding back tears.

Zsun CocaNButter
Zsun CocaNButter

It was also revealed that ZSun usually smoked and scolded A for different reasons every day. ZSun slept at her boyfriend’s house for about half of that month, and A also stayed at the house due to the poor security situation of the country. In the process, A, as a friend living in the same house, had encountered many embarrassing moments of ZSun and her boyfriend’s private life.

Zsun CocaNButter

Another day, A cried and asked her mother to send her money because ZSun wanted to try swimming with dolphins, the most expensive activity there. A confessed that she could not even choose a gift for her younger brother because she had to borrow money from public funds to pay for ZSun’s tattoo and her boyfriend’s necessary items.

A said, “At a young age, I came to realize how big and scary a teacher was and how scary rumors were in this narrow scene,” adding, “I want to tell my friends who keep silent about wrongdoings because they are afraid that their dance life will go wrong that it doesn’t that much and there are many normal adults.”

A attached a photo of her badly cut hair and the plane ticket as evidence of the disclosure.  In fact, a video of a dancer with a similar hairstyle with A’s was found on ZSun’s Instagram. Currently, on the dancer’s Instagram, comments such as “Is the disclosure true?” “Is the Nate Pann post real?” and “Apologize to the victim” are flooding in, raising questions about the authenticity of the post.

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