The 3-year-old little girl who kissed Han Hyo-joo 13 years ago has become a member of rookie girl group IVE

The relationship of actress Han Hyo-joo and IVE’s Lee Seo is receiving keen attention.

Han Hyo-joo Leeseo

On April 14th, the girl group IVE appeared on the Youtube channel “MMTG” and told various stories. Host Jaejae asked IVE Lee Seo if she remembered her appearance on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” on August 5th, 2009. 

In that old broadcast, there was a scene when Han Hyo-joo kissed a little girl she met by chance on the street. That little girl is IVE Lee Seo, who was born in 2007. The female idol was only 3 years old when she appeared on the broadcast while being carried in the arms of her mother.

In response to Jaejae’s question, Lee Seo said, “I don’t remember it well, but my mom did tell me about that”.

Accordingly, Lee Seo’s mother was a fan of Han Hyo-joo so she came to see the actress, who was filming on the street. Suddenly, Han Hyo-joo approached and kissed Lee Seo because she found little baby Lee Seo so cute.

Han Hyo-joo-Leeseo

13 years later, that little girl, who kissed Han Hyo-joo, made her debut as a member of the girl group IVE, which is currently in the spotlight of attention. Netizens commented praising Lee Seo’s visual with big eyes and lovely facial features, which seem to have remained unchanged after 13 years.

Meanwhile, Lee Seo’s group IVE released its second single “LOVE DIVE” on April 5th and is carrying out promotional activities. “LOVE DIVE” has proved its unrivaled presence by charting at the top spots on real-time charts of major music sites, such as Melon, Bugs, Genie, and VIBE as soon as it was released. 

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