Lee Eun Saem’s moving acceptance speech after finally receiving a rookie award 16 years into her debut

Lee Eun Saem left back-to-back impressions by appearing in “The Red Sleeve” in 2021 and “All Of Us Are Dead” in 2022. 

After playing Son Young Hee in “The Red Sleeve”, in Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead”, Lee Eun Saem transformed into an Iljin character who cannot communicate without swearing.

Lee eun sam

Lee Eun Saem, who gained a lot of attention with her acting range to the point that viewers were doubting whether she is the same actress, won the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards for her performance in “Cheer up”. She won the Rookie of the Year award for the first time in 16 years since she started her career as a child actress back in 2007.

Lee eun sam

Lee Eun Saem went up on the stage and mentioned that her family was at the ceremony, saying, “What if they cheered for me hard when I couldn’t get an award?”, with tears in her eyes. 

“Like me, keep chasing your dreams

I wanted to comfort people.

Just do it.”

Lee eun sam

Lee Eun Saem revealed that for 16 years, the words that motivated her to keep going without giving up were “Just do it”. “They are not cool words, but when I think about whether it’s right for me to go this way or give up, I just wanted to do it without asking ‘why’.”

Lee Eun Saem included an inspirational message in her speech, saying, “Don’t dwell on the past, if you want to do it, don’t be afraid and just do it.”

Lee eun sam

Seo Hyun Jin, who was watching from the audience, was caught in tears at Lee Eun Saem’s heartfelt acceptance speech. Like Lee Eun Saem said, if there is something everyone wants to do, in 2023, hopefully, you will ‘just do it’.

Lee Eun Saem has successfully overcome the pressure of not being noticed as an actress for a long time. She will greet viewers in the first lead role of her acting career in the web drama “Cheongdam International High School” scheduled to be released next year.  

Source: Daum

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