HYBE “Label collaboration”, YG “Baby Monster”, SM “Collaboration between teams”, JYP “Strengthening rookie groups’ fandom”

New Year keywords for large K-pop agencies

Large agencies such as HYBE, YG Entertainment (YG), SM Entertainment (SM) and JYP Entertainment (JYP) ambitiously announced new plans for this year. Through this, they are also expressing their determination to create a new global star following boy group BTS.


HYBE’s new keyword is “label collaboration”. HYBE has grown in size as they have multiple subsidiaries including Big Hit Music (BTS, TXT), Pledis (Seventeen, fromis_9), Belift Lab (ENHYPEN), KOZ Entertainment (Zico)… This year, as boy group BTS stopped team activities due to the members’ enlistment, HYBE plans to focus on artists’ global activities.

YG will present their new girl group Baby Monster 7 years after BLACKPINK. YG introduced Baby Monster through a YouTube video and their blog on Jan 1st. Yang Hyun Suk, who returned as an executive producer after stepping down from all positions in June 2019 due to the various scandals he was previously embroiled in, said, “You can think of them as the babies who have the genes of YG. Just like how they shocked me at monthly evaluations over the past four years, I really hope they become ‘Stars that will shock this world’.

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SM is poised to put forward collaboration between their teams as a differentiated strategy. Project girl group GOT the beat (BoA, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Seulgi and Wendy, aespa Karina and Winter) will release their first mini-album “Stamp On It” on Jan 16th. SuperM (EXO Baekhyun, NCT Taeyong and Mark…) will also make a comeback in the first half of this year. In addition, executive producer Lee Soo Man said in a recent interview with the U.S. economic news CNBC that he plans to create a new unit for NCT.

GOT the beat

JYP is accelerating efforts to raise their rookie groups’ awareness. The six-member girl group NMIXX, which debuted in February last year, is a representative example. NMIXX quickly secured a fandom by releasing the second single “ENTWURF” last September, 7 months after the debut album “AD MARE”. JYP recently held a large-scale open audition, revealing their willingness to discover new talents.


Source: Naver

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