BLACKPINk’s little sister is coming: YG to launch a new 7-member girl group

A new girl group from YG Entertainment, succeeding BLACKPINK, is about to debut.

On December 30th, YG Entertainment announced the news of the launch of their new girl group by unveiling a “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” poster. 

The date “2023.01.01 0AM” is shown on the published poster, raising curiosity about YG’s new project to be introduced in 2023.

yg next movement

In particular, the appearance of the seven members, who only showed black silhouettes on the red poster, catches the eye. Although information about the group is not specified, it makes fans look forward to the next-generation girl group project that YG has secretly prepared for years.

YG’s new girl group debut is 7 years after BLACKPINK. Since BLACKPINK has grown into a popular global girl group, expectations for YG’s next girl group are high. 

Source: Daum

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