BTS V in a relationship with Kim Go Eun? Speculations arise from one action 

One action of BTS V caused netizens to get suspicious about his relationship with famous actress Kim Go Eun. 

Fans always pay attention to every single movement of their favorite celebrities, and with his impact and fame, BTS V is always the center of attention. 

Recently, the photo studio of Hong Jang Hyun published various photos of actress Kim Go Eun on their official Instagram account. The pictorial, which adopts the name “Come In Closer”, shows the actress in simple yet gorgeous visuals, without any need for fancy clothing nor makeup. 

bts v kim go eun
BTS V “liked” a post filled with Kim Go Eun images on Instagram 

However, instead of appreciating the photoshoot, many netizens under the comment section seem to be more concerned with the fact that BTS V pressed “liked” for the post. While some believe that the male idol is simply showing support for the studio and photos, other doubts that BTS V may have close relationship, or is even dating Kim Go Eun, 

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Netizens start to suspect about a relationship between BTS V and Kim Go Eun 

Some even brought up V’s dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie, and the fact that Kim Go Eun is friends with the girl group to draw baseless conclusions. They also bring up rumors that V and Kim Go Eun both went to the listening party of BLACKPINK’s new album, and thus might have met there. 

However, many contended that V simply appreciates the photos, seeing that he has always been interested in photography. “Can’t he just like a photo? Isn’t he a human being?”, a comment said in rage. 

blackpink time magazine
BTS V and Kim Go Eun reportedly went to the listening party of BLACKPINK’s latest album 

On the other hand, Kim Go Eun was recently embroiled in dating rumors with the Korean National Football team captain Son Heung Min. However, her agency has immediately refuted such a claim, saying that Kim Go Eun is simply a fan. 

Meanwhile, BTS V were engulfed in dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie after a series of photos of the two were supposedly leaked. 

Son Heung Min Kim Go Eun thumbnail
Kim Go Eun were rumored to date Son Heung Min
BTS V jennie thumbnail
Meanwhile, V and Jennie faced dating claims earlier this year.

Source: k14, Instagram 

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