“Taking a selfie in couple outfits”… Jennie ♥ V, third date photo leaked

The third two-shot of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie was released.

On August 29th, a new date photo of V and Jennie was leaked on various online communities.

In the released photo, a man and a woman presumed to be V and Jennie are taking a selfie in an elevator with their heads facing each other while wearing costumes with Winnie the Pooh on them.

bts v jennie

The person who posted this photo wrote: “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. We all deserve clarity! And peace! We all love our favorite artists and no one wants them to be smeared or used for malicious purposes!

That’s why I asked relevant companies or representatives to issue a statement, to see if they dare claim that my photos were edited (not my blurred logo but Kim Taehyung and Kim Jennie in these photos). A simple sentence is enough!”

jennie bts v

Earlier in May, V and Jennie were embroiled in dating rumors for the first time from their sightings on Jeju Island.

Afterwards, dating rumors were raised for the second time as a photo taken in the waiting room and a photo that looked like a date at home were leaked one after another.

In particular, the netizen who leaked the photo taken in the waiting room and the photo that looked like a date at home became controversial as he/she threatened Jennie and V through SNS, saying, “I’ll upload one photo a day.”

V (born in 1995) and Jennie (born in 1996) have a one-year age difference. If dating rumors are true, they are an older boy-younger girl couple.

Currently, both YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music (under HYBE) are not making any position regarding dating rumors in order to protect their artists’ privacy.

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