The vague ending of “Alchemy of Souls” puts a pressure on Go Yoon-jung as she will lead Season 2 instead of Jung So-min

The viewers are worried about whether Go Yoon-jung will be able to portray the female lead role as successfully as Jung So-min did.

The last episode of “Alchemy of Souls” Part 1, which ended on August 28th, shocked everyone with its ending. Mu-deok (Jung So-min) and Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook) were expected to have the whole 50 minutes of romance as they decided to get married after Mu-deok confessed “I like you a lot” to Jang Wook.

However, the key factor of the ending was actually Jin Mu (Jo Jae-yoon). Taking out Choi’s curse tactics on reversing the souls as the last secret, he was convinced by the existence of Nak-su. The body of Jin Bu-yeon, the original owner of the powerful Mu-doek’s body, controlled the strength of the souls, and Mu-deok, who have been teaching skills to Jang Wook and trying to regain her strength, succeeded in drawing strength at once with Jin Mu’s energy.

The development was then portrayed breathlessly. Mu-deok killed Jin Woo-tak (Joo Seok-tae), Jin Bu-yeon’s father, and stabbed a knife in Jang Wook’s body. Jang Wook’s voice woke Mu-deok up for a while but she was manipulated again. She headed to the soul shifters’ grave and jumped into it.

Jang Wook’s body was burned without a funeral like a sinner in order to hide the existence of Mu-deok and he was revived thanks to the power of ice stone and the blue flame. In addition, the trailer shows Go Yoon-jung, not Jung So-min, appear as the main character Nak-su with a different vibe.

As a result, this confirmed that the rumors of “Alchemy of Souls” main character being replaced that erupted last month are true. At that time, the product team and the actors couldn’t say anything since the viewers showed a lot of support for Jung So-min. It was difficult to confirm because it could be a spoiler, but from the viewer’s point of view, it was inevitable that voices of dissatisfaction were poured out because the drama decided to change the female lead although the romance between Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min was receiving enthusiastic responses. The viewers are puzzled by the forced development of Season 1 for Season 2 and the replacement of the female lead.

This has also turned into a burden for Go Yoon-jung, the main character of Season 2. This is because she has to replace Jung So-min, who led the 20 episodes of Season 1 and has gained great popularity with her performances, from the romance with Lee Jae-wook and Hwang Min-hyun to her natural dialect acting. It is not known whether Jung So-min will appear in Part 2, but it is clear that the viewers will pour out criticism if Go Yoon-jung fails to meet their high expectations.

Attention is focused on whether Go Yoon-jung will be able to complete the role amid expectations and concerns for Season 2, which has been scheduled to air in December, whether she will be able to captivate the viewers with her mysterious and beautiful appearance as she did in the first episode of Season 1, and whether Season 2 with Jung So-min’s withdrawal will be as popular as Season 1.

Source: daum

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