Lee Se Young said she lost 3 cm in height? Netizens in shock

Famous actress Lee Se Young revealed her shocking height and weight measurements during a hospital checkup. 

On January 16th, actress Lee Se Young revealed the results of her hospital checkup on her Instagram story, along with the short caption, “shocking”.

lee se young

The photo published by Lee Se Young revealed a checkup paper from a hospital, with the actress’ height and weight written on it.

According to the examination results, Lee Se Young was 160 cm tall and weighed 51 kg. However, in Lee Se Young’s profile published online, the actress should be 163 cm, 3 cm taller. 

lee se young

This 3 cm loss in height attracted a lot of attention on online communities such as theqoo. In particular, netizens there left comments such as, “It’s shocking that she’s reduced in height”, “Where did her 3 cm go”, “It must be shocking to get shorter” and “To be honest, I’ve lost 1.5 cm in height too”. 

On the other hand, Lee Se Young, born in 1992, started as a child actress and is 31 years old this year. She debuted in the 1997 SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Brothers’ River”. In 2021, she received a lot of love with her impressive performance in the MBC Friday and Saturday dramaThe Red Sleeve”. 

the red sleeve

Source: wikitree

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