Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin’s 3rd wedding anniversary: ​​”If it weren’t for this girl, I wouldn’t have thought about getting married”

This day 3 years ago, the golden couple Taeyang – Min Hyo Rin was officially married

Taeyang – Min Hyo Rin is the golden couple of Kbiz, receiving the absolute support of fans and the public.  The couple dated for a long time before getting married.  Today (February 3) is the 3rd anniversary of the couple’s wedding

On this day 3 years ago, Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin’s wedding officially took place at Anyang Church with the participation of Korean stars such as Big Bang, Black Pink, Lee Hi, Kang Sora, Zion.T,  WINNER … The entire wedding space is as beautiful as a movie, designed by an international wedding planner, overwhelming the guests.  Daesung acted as the host, Seungri and CL sang to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

Taeyang has repeatedly affirmed that Min Hyo Rin is the love of his life.  In a heartfelt declaration, he said: “Even now, she’s the only person who continues to change me as a person. And those changes always make me into a better, more solid person.”

“If I hadn’t planned to spend the rest of my life together with her, I wouldn’t have dated for four years. If it weren’t for this girl, then I wouldn’t have thought about getting married” – Taeyang spent sweet words to his wife. 

Having been married for 3 years, the couple is still happy together, even though they do not publish many things about each other on social networks.  Recently, Taeyang also sold his villa in Hannam River Hill for about 4.5 billion won to move to another luxury villa in Janghak Paarc Hannam, in UN Village.  This raises the question of the couple preparing to welcome their first child.

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