NMIXX’s First Encore Stage: Did Their Live Performance Face The Same Controversy As Sister Group TWICE?

Not only did NMIXX win the weekly award, but they also had their first encore stage.

JYP’s girl group, NMIXX, celebrated their 400th day since debut with a long-awaited victory on a music show on March 29th.

Their win on Show Champion with “Love Me Like This” was also significant as it was the first time the JYP girls displayed their live vocals on an encore stage.

NMIXX impressed the audience with their flawless live performance. Fans were especially delighted by the moment when Haewon smiled while Sullyoon and Bae cried, which was widely shared on social media.

NMIXX’s encore stage with “Love Me Like This”

Netizens’ comments:

  • Is this the first time the group has won #1? Congratulations, congratulations.
  • Really talented, wow.
  • Oh my god, this is the best encore stage I’ve ever seen. I hope the group continues to win #1 so I can see the encore again. Congratulations.
  • At first, I didn’t realize they were singing live and thought it was the digital version. Their voices are beautiful and true!
  • I’m crying. NMIXX sings live very well, so I wanted to see them perform an encore when they won #1. They’re really talented.

In the past, JYP idols, especially TWICE, have been the subject of controversy over their talent. At the Show Champion stage, TWICE had an “unforgettable” encore performance that sparked a lot of debate, despite some improvement in their skills. Momo’s singing performance, in particular, received heavy criticism.

In contrast, NMIXX’s flawless live vocals are a breath of fresh air for audiences, providing a much-needed break from the controversy. Fans can now rest assured that the six girls are a talented group, and their performances will continue to be a source of joy and entertainment.

Source: K14

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