HYBE did not credit BTS’s Jungkook for songs the idol composed

After facing controversies for having a sex criminal on the credits of BTS’s upcoming album, HYBE is under fire again for mistreating Jungkook. 

ARMYs (fandom of BTS) recently protested against Big Hit Music and HYBE Labels for their alleged mistreatment of Jungkook. According to them, in the credits for BTS’s upcoming album “Proof”, Jungkook was listed for his contribution to the song “No More Dream”, but on the official registration on KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association), the BTS member was missing. “No More Dream” was a track released back in 2013, and among Jungkook’s first attempts at composing, however, the idol is not rightfully credited. 

While Jungkook is listed as a producer of “No More Dream” on BTS’s new tracklist, he received on credit on KOMCA. 

In addition, fans also pointed out that J-Hope used to mention Jungkook as a main contributor to the production of the song “Jamais Vu” in the BTS album “Map of the Soul: Persona”, released back in April 2019. However, as of the moment, the male idol is still missing from the song’s credit list. 

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HYBE is also being criticized for mistreating Jungkook in non-music matters as well. In particular, Jungkook once drew a portrait for his CEO Bang Si Hyuk in the idol’s unique style. However, Bang Si Hyuk is now using this painting as a logo for his bakery, without giving any royalties to the original drawer Jungkook.

Bang Si Hyuk took Jungkook’s drawing for commercial uses, yet never paid the idol a dime. 

Previously, HYBE was under fire for letting Bobby Chung be in the credits for BTS’s upcoming album. This rapper recently admitted to having drugged and sexually harrassed his ex-girlfriend, as well as filming her without consent, leading to the girlfriend taking her own life. 

Regarding BTS, their upcoming album “Proof” will be released on June 10, with the title song “Yet to Come”. 

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