The way IU celebrates her 30th birthday surprises netizens

Singer-actress IU (Lee Ji-eun) made a donation to mark her birthday this year.

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment stated on May 16th, IU delivered a total of 210 million won to Snail of Love organization, the Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association, Eden I Ville, social welfare organization Changinwon, etc. in celebration of her birthday”. This is IU’s decision to mark her 30th birthday.


An official explained, “Together with fans who give her many wishes, IU has spent a more meaningful birthday by conveying her heart to people who need warmth and care”.

This donation will be used to cover surgeries and treatment for children and adolescents suffering from hearing impairment. It will also be used to provide support to single-parent families in financial difficulties, as well as child care centers and shelters for disabled people that are in need of help.


IU has constantly practiced good deeds and shared her warm heart with people in need under the name “IUAENA”, a combination of her name (IU) and her fandom’s name (UAENA), on special anniversaries every year.

In commemoration of the Children’s Day (May 5th), which marks its 100th anniversary this year, IU delivered her warm heart by donating 100 million won to children and teenagers from single-parent and grandparent-children families.


IU, who is continuing her good deeds, is set to release her first commercial movie “Broker” on June 8th. Since this movie was invited to the 75th Cannes Film Festival, IU is also expected to appear on the red carpet of this event.


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