A series of signs affirming that BLACKPINK’s comeback is coming very close

Let’s review all these signs by BLACKPINK that are making netizens excited recently.

Since the MV Lovesick Girls, BLACKPINK has completely disappeared from the music race. The girls focus on individual activities, MV releases, filming and fashion events. Therefore, news of the group’s comeback always makes fans extremely excited. A series of hints are making fans even more sure about the new product that is about to “bombard” K-pop.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
BLACKPINK girls are returning to the music race? 

Recently, Jennie sent a message to fans about her comeback with BLACKPINK. The female idol said, “I’m preparing for the upcoming BLACKPINK comeback.” BLACKPINK’s main rapper also said that she is planning her schedules to make time for working out.

Jennie was also reported to have an overseas schedule. However, the image of her going to the airport was not revealed. On Twitter, a fan shared that they met Jennie in a cafe in Los Angeles on March 1st.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
A fan said that they met Jennie in Los Angeles.

On March 2nd, Somi had a livestream on social networks and opened The Black Label studio to introduce to fans. She assumed that no one was inside so it was quite comfortable. However, the surprising thing is that a strange song was being played inside, the voice appearing in which is suspected by fans to be Jennie’s voice. 

As soon as she discovered this, Somi had a panicked expression and quickly ran out of the studio. The action of the female idol makes people even more sure that this is a song to prepare for BLACKPINK’s comeback. Somi’s live clip has also been removed by YG.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
Somi’s panicked expression when she discovered that she had accidentally revealed a part of BLACKPINK’s new music. 

Before that, BLACKPINK had gatherings together after a period of individual schedules. The girls were all dressed very comfortably and interacted intimately. Long time no see 4 members in the same frame, BLINK community is even happier when witnessing this moment. The fact that BLACKPINK met each other made fans question that the group was recording and discussing a new song. 

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
Rosé posted a group photo with the very simple caption, BLACKPINK. 
Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
BLACKPINK members had fun interactions with each other. 

BLACKPINK’s last comeback was in October 2020 with the MV Lovesick Girls. The group’s musical style was somewhat different from previous songs. The song was filled with love and youthfulness, mixed with the coolness of girls. The song did not explode as strongly as DDU-DU DDU-DU or Kill This Love, but it still helped the YG girl group make a great impression on the audience.

Besides, the image of the 4 girls in the MV was also praised. YG’s investment in BLACKPINK has so far been undisputed.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
Lovesick Girls is the latest music product of BLACKPINK.

After Lovesick Girls, BLACKPINK withdrew from the track, while the other Gen 3 girl groups and Gen 4 groups started to develop strongly. This used to make many people afraid that BLACKPINK’s reputation might go down. However, individual activities have partly helped the 4 YG girls maintain their attractiveness to the media and the public.

Jisoo successfully entered the film industry with her first lead role in Snowdrop. Her good acting ability and sweet chemistry with Jung Hae In received many compliments. Moreover, fans also ship the two actors because of their chemistry on-screen and in real life.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
Jisoo and Jung Hae In had a successful collaboration in Snowdrop.

Rosé and Lisa respectively released solo MVs and brought home certain achievements. Although LALISA and Money did not break out in Korea, they did well on international music charts. It is the factor that has helped Lisa in particular and BLACKPINK, in general, strengthen their reputation in the international market.

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback
Lisa has had a relatively successful solo in the international market.

More than a year of waiting, the return of BLACKPINK is what fans are looking forward to more than ever at the present time.

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