Netizens compare “The Red Sleeve” star Lee Se Young’s visuals to Song Hye Kyo

The leading actresses of 2 ongoing Fri-Sat dramas, The Red Sleeve and Now, We Are Breaking Up are being compared. 

It is no exaggeration to say that The Red Sleeve is the most domestically successful year-end Korean drama in 2021. It became the miniseries with the highest rating on the weekend despite airing in the same time slot as Song Hye Kyo’s Now, We Are Breaking Up. It’s been years since MBC last released a drama with a rating of over 10% like The Red Sleeve.

The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young

Along with the drama’s popularity, the female lead Lee Se Young, who was born in 1992 and started out as a child actress, has attracted much attention from the audience. Both her acting and visuals in The Red Sleeve have earned plenty of praise. However, there are some netizens who think that Lee Se Young’s appearance only suits historical dramas and that she looks somewhat less pretty when she smiles.

The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young
Having a perfect side profile, but Lee Se Young is believed to only suit historical dramas by some netizens?
The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young
Netizens have mixed reactions to Lee Se Young’s smile
The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young exudes traditional grace when she is in a Hanbok

Netizens’ comments:

  • I also tried to see who was hailed as more beautiful than Song Hye Kyo but in the end… So disappointed
  • She once said that when she was young she was so pretty that her parents were afraid she would be kidnapped.  But she doesn’t seem that pretty when she’s grown up
  • She’s pretty but not when she’s smiling
  • She’s not like overwhelming pretty but she’s very attractive
  • The important thing is that the drama is so good and her visuals match its vibe well.
The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young plays Seong Deok Im in The Red Sleeve, a beautiful, intelligent palace maid who yearns for freedom. Love blossoms between her and crown prince Yi San (Lee Junho), but when the crown prince ascends the throne, she refuses to become a court lady because of her desire to live freely. The inner palace maids’ clothes frequently have red borders on the sleeves. These red lines indicate that they are the king’s women, and that they must be completely obedient and submissive to the king and royal family. This is also why the drama is titled The Red Sleeve.

The Red Sleeve Lee Se Young
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