JYP’s new girl group has gotten a lot of attention for their stunning visuals

The girls were showered with compliments almost immediately after JYP posted their first video, owing to their stunning beauty.

JYP surprisingly revealed a series of images unveiling the company’s new girl group on the evening of August 5. However, the faces of the girls in these pictures cannot be clearly seen, leading to the appearance of the girls being even more mysterious.

Netizens have speculated that the girl appearing with the lower half of her face is trainee Yun Jin, and the other girl is Jin Sol.  However, the other photos that exist of these two girls are just taken from the poster of the showcase for JYP’s trainees.  Moreover, the image quality is not much better, so the girls’ facial contours are somewhat rough and unnatural.

Then, just 15 minutes later, JYP released another high-quality video, which shocked the internet. Jinni, Jiwoo, and Kyujin were introduced as the girls’ stage names. All three have gorgeous looks, attractive choreography, and a charismatic stage presence that is hard to ignore.

Netizens flooded the three JYP girls with compliments. The expectations for the group now are higher than ever before, because even with just the first three members the group has already wowed the public. It’s unclear how many members JYP’s rookie will have but their debut is definitely worth looking forward to.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • F*cking pretty ㅠㅠ
  • Their concept kind of reminds me of Miss Aㅇㅇ It reminds me of their dancing room scene 
  • Those dance moves reminds me of those dances I see onTiktok…
  • Wow f*ck they’re freaking solid 
  • Wow a 06’er…
  • No doubt when it comes from JYP girl groups
  • As expected you can trust JYP 
  • They’re freaking awesome. WG debuted in 2007 and now, we’re having a 06’er debuting 
  • They seriously dance freaking well 
  • Their dance skills are crazy 
  • I did well buying their album
  • Wow they’re seriously such good dancers
  • The final boss of girl groups…!!! Wow I’m so looking forward to their concept
  • Wow daebak;;
  • They’re a 3 members group???
  • Freaking amazing, but are they really going to be only 3 people?
  • The pink pants one is amazing, she’s definitely going to be the popular member


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