Somi accidentally revealed the music suspected to contain Jennie’s voice, is it BLACKPINK’s new song or Jennie’s solo comeback?

Who knows there would be a day when BLACKPINK fans had to speculate about the idol’s activities through Somi’s livestream.

It has been more than 500 days since BLACKPINK’s last comeback, although there are many rumors about them releasing new music, the members are still focusing on individual activities. However, recently, Somi, BLACKPINK‘s close “sister”, was the one who gave BLINKs hope when she accidentally revealed a small part of a song right in her livestream. It wouldn’t be worth talking about if the voice in it wasn’t suspected to be Jennie‘s voice .

Jennie’s voice is suspected to appear in Somi livestream

The video cut shows that Somi was on a livestream chatting with fans while at THE BLACK LABEL (a subsidiary of YG, managed by Teddy). The female idol went to the wrong studio, and as she opened the door, a song was playing loud. Right after that, Somi quickly closed the door with a panicked expression, but viewers still heard the line: “No you can’t take me down”.

Somi panicked when she knew she went to the wrong room, she quickly closed the door but it was too late!
Somi panicked when she knew she went to the wrong room, she quickly closed the door but it was too late!

The above voice has the same characteristics as Jennie‘s voice, so the revealed music is strange, seemingly never appearing before. Therefore, Somi‘s livestream quickly caused a stir in the BLACKPINK fan community, some of whom thought that this was the comeback song of the 4 YG girls, others guessed that maybe Jennie was about to make a solo comeback after 4 years?

Fans commented:

– Solo singer Jennie’s comeback or BLACKPINK’s comeback, either is amazing?

– Is she preparing for a solo comeback?

– This is probably BLACKPINK’s song. But this beat has a weirder genre than the old songs, a masterpiece is coming out soon.

– I don’t know if it’s Jennie’s b-side song for group comeback or Jennie’s solo comeback.

– Oh so now we have to actively watch the livestream of other artists to know what our idols are doing.

Jennie once told fans that she was preparing for BLACKPINK‘s comeback, so the solo plan could take place after that. On February 28th, the female idol also confirmed on the forum for BLINK that the group is about to make a comeback. Another source also revealed that BLACKPINK will release music after the summer of 2022, in parallel with holding a global tour.

Thus, it is possible that the above music is an upcoming product of BLACKPINK, that’s why Somi was so panicked when she accidentally revealed it. We will know whether the above music is really in the new product of the 4 girls when YG releases the official schedule, but many people are worried that Somi will be scolded by Teddy!


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