PD of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” talks about the intense scene between VIVIZ SinB and WJSN Yeoreum, “We will not do evil editing”.

Ahead of the first broadcast of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” on March 31st, PD Lee Yeon-kyu dismissed fans’ concerns about “evil editing”.

At the press conference for Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which was held online on the morning of March 30th, PD Lee talked about the intense atmosphere between girl groups’ members revealed in the 0th episode, saying, “Rather than saying it was evil editing, I believe the standards of Mnet’s viewers have been raised. Our goal is to show everything without hiding or adjusting anything”.

PD Lee continued, “All the contestants are sweating, practicing, and working hard to show you a great four-minute performance”, adding, “We are trying to treat them with sincerity and good narrations. We will also do our best to introduce their performances perfectly”.

Queendom 2

However, in the 0th episode of “Queendom 2”, which was released on March 24th, the scene in which VIVIZ SinB seemed to be educating WJSN’s Yeoreum was broadcast, sparking controversies over Mnet’s evil editing.

In episode 0, WJSN members jokingly said, “Although GFRIEND is our senior, VIVIZ has just debuted in 2022”, adding, “They’re not our seniors”.

SinB debuted as a member of GFRIEND in January 2015, but after the group disbanded in 2021, she debuted in VIVIZ in February 2022. 

When WJSN members said “They’re not our seniors”, SinB pointed to Yeoreum and told her, “Hey, Yeoreum! Are you sure we’re not your seniors?”

Queendom 2

The scene included subtitles such as “stiff”, “cold” and “frozen air in an instant” along with the BGM that exuded a cold atmosphere.

However, the atmosphere was immediately reversed and the mysterious remark “Please tell your members quickly (Are you sure we’re not your seniors?)” continued. However, after the broadcast, comments such as “Isn’t SinB tightening Yeoreum’s discipline?” and “It was too scary” came up on some Internet communities.

In response, netizens mentioned the fact that SinB participated in WJSN‘s “Super Yuppers!” challenge in the past. They explained, “The two are actually close” and “SinB was sacrificed by Mnet’s “evil editing”.

Meanwhile, Mnet‘s “Queendom 2” is a survival program in which 6 top K-pop idol teams release singles at the same time and enter a comeback competition. The lineup consists of Brave Girls, Viviz, Loona, WJSN, Kep1er and Hyolyn. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is the grand master while comedian Lee Yong-jin is the queen manager.

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