Is HYBE trying to make Trainee A the 2nd BTS?

Many people believe that HYBE is just trying to create a second BTS since the schedule of Trainee A now looks exactly like what BTS did many years ago.

After TXT, Big Hit Music (a subsidiary of HYBE Labels) is launching a new boy group. Though they were only introduced through the Trainee A project, the boy group received a lot of attention from the public. Through behind-the-scenes photos and videos, all 7 members of Trainee A have attracted a strong fan base, ready for a grand debut. However, the recent activities that HYBE prepared for the boys made people stir.

Trainee A
Trainee A has had an anti-fan force even though they haven’t debuted yet.

Recently, Trainee A was sent to Los Angeles to practice. The group also held a street show called the First Busking Show in which they put a lot of effort. Witnessing Trainee A‘s activities, many BTS‘s fans noticed that Big Hit was trying to make Trainee A follow their seniors’ footsteps. Moreover, many fans also believe that the company wants the trainees to understand the hardships that BTS went through during their debut.

However, many people believe that HYBE is just trying to create a second BTS. All of Trainee A‘s actions such as going to the US to promote, holding mini concerts, distributing leaflets, are exactly the same as what BTS has gone through. Additionally, the audience exploded in anger when they saw the video of Trainee A on Tiktok which showed that a Trainee A’s member got ignored when distributing leaflets. This video got more than 1 million views as well as receiving much criticism.

Trainee A-BTS
Trainee A’s video, which is said to be “coffeeing” BTS’s past, is controversial.

The public think that Trainee A is trying to sarcastically re-enact BTS’s old time when they were not as popular as they are now. In the reality show “American hustle life 2014”, BTS also gave out flyers inviting the audience to see the concert for free and was rejected by some passersby. This was a hard time for both BTS and the fans.

Seeing the idols get criticized, the fans quickly vindicated Trainee A. They said that the boys were still trainees and hadn’t really debuted yet, so the fact that they worried about the show was totally understandable. Besides, in 2019, Woochan – a member of the group – also distributed leaflets and then was rejected. 

Trainee A
The fans tried to defend Trainee A, saying that this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Even so, BTS fans still don’t accept the excuses. They said that Trainee A is HYBE’s group, so there’s no reason for the group to be afraid of having no audience. Not only that, by having called the name “BTS’s younger brother“, the group also received a lot of attention. Therefore, choosing that kind of content that triggers many people is such an unconscious action. 

After the controversies, Trainee A came from a potential group to a notorious boy band. However, many people said that HYBE should put aside the intention of being able to create a second BTS. BTS deserves better than being called “the carry” of the company. 

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