“The Idol” actress expresses anger “What is amazing to me is no one’s listening”

Jane Adams, who appeared in “The Idol”, revealed that she was never exploited while filming.

Recently, American entertainment media outlets such as Variety and Vanity Fair released interviews with Jane Adams.

The Idol” actress Jane Adams recently called out feminists in an interview with Vanity Fair. Feminists claim the HBO series exploited actresses on set, from Lily-Rose Depp, Da’Vine Joy Randolph to Jane Adams.

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Jane Adams said, “What is amazing to me is no one’s listening. I’ve not seen that before in all my days, such a dogged ‘We refuse to change the narrative’.” She expressed anger, “I especially want to say to all the feminists, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ All these women that I’m working with are talking about their experience and you’re not listening. You’re not listening!

Jane Adams played Nikki Katz, a record label executive who works with pop star Jocelyn, in “The Idol”. “The Idol”, which received attention in Korea due to BLACKPINK Jennie’s appearance, caused controversy over sensationalism and received harsh criticism. “The Idol”, which was originally a 6-episode series, ended early after 5 episodes.

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In another interview earlier, Jane Adams said, “I would say… with Lily-Rose, like why would nudity be a bad thing? What are people talking about? I don’t understand. I don’t even believe that mindset is real. That whole mindset seems fake to me, this outrage and pearl clutching that’s going on about a nude actress who’s beautiful. When did that become outrageous?

Jane Adams’ co-star Randolph shared a similar opinion with her. Randolph told Variety that she never saw any actors being mistreated on set during the making of the series. She admitted the production had long filming hours, but nothing in her mind was unusual about that.

Source: Daum, Variety

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