One-day casting manager (G)I-DLE Shuhua draws mixed reactions for public appearance evaluation 

(G)I-DLE Shuhua drew mixed reactions as she evaluated students’ appearances during a street casting. 

On June 8th, Yoon Seon Ho and (G)I-DLE Shuhua appeared on an episode of “Workman” as casting managers. Some say that it was good to see two of them do jobs that they had not usually encountered. Moreover, they are uncomfortable with the way the general public evaluates their appearance.


In the video, Shuhua invited Yoo Seon Ho, a fellow trainee, as a guest, saying, “You know I’m at the top of the social ladder”. 

First, the two started casting on social media. An official from Cube Entertainment’s new Casting Team said, “They have to be born in 2008 or later and there isn’t a limit on the other side”. 

 Moreover, Cube also revealed the type of trainees they look for, “Someone who looks really fierce, pretty, tall or thin”. In response, Shuhua said, “Then look for people like me”. 

After checking on the trainees and visiting the practice room, the two began full-fledged street casting. A company official said, “We have to look at their faces naturally”, adding it would not be easy to look for potential training during street casting. 


While touring the streets frequently visited by students, Seon Ho and Shuhua said, “I saw his face on the side [but were] a bit disappointed”. To see a student’s full visual, they told each other, “Try looking at them a bit while we go past”.

In the end, they did not succeed in street casting. The duo admitted, “Wow, this isn’t easy. This is hard”, adding, “I never really knew what the casting team did. But there’s a lot more to this job”. 

After the release of the video, some netizens showed positive reactions, saying, “It’s funny to see Shuhwa trainees taking care of their juniors and insulting the company so much”, “I had a lot of fun watching the chemistry between the two”, and “I wish the casting manager a good future for K-pop idols with a high perspective”. 

On the other hand, some pointed out, “It’s really uncomfortable to see students passing by and saying that their faces are unhappy”, “Is it right to do this when you see students walking by without knowing anything?” and “It’s a shame for ordinary students”. 

Source: Wikitree 

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