Kang Tae-oh, “Burdened by the ‘open your mouth” line, thanks to Park Eun-bin who brought out the romantic mood” 

Kang Tae-oh appeared in MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young, Hope Song at Noon.”

In MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young, Hope Song at Noon,” which aired on Friday, Kang Tae-oh appeared and talked about the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” through the corner “We bring the expert.”

Referring to the kiss scene in episode 10 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” DJ Kim Shin-young said, “The scene was amazing. A bit of wit and a bit of loveliness can be produced with just one light.” When asked about the behind-the-scenes story at the time of the kiss scene, Kang Tae-oh said, “It was already very late at that time and we were filming in the hallway of an apartment, so we had to be very quiet. So basically, we filmed that scene very quietly and carefully. Also, since it is a kiss scene, both of us were too nervous. I even talked to Eun-bin more sweetly than usual.”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

In response, when Kim Shin-young said, “Yesterday, among Kang Tae-oh’s lines, ‘Open your mouth a little’ was so sweet,” Kang Tae-oh said, “Actually, I felt a burden on what to do with that line. Because the mood of the line “Open your mouth” changed depending on how you said it, so I thought I should go and see the atmosphere at the scene first. But Park Eun-bin brought out the romantic atmosphere so well that I naturally acted out well without even realizing it.”

When Kim Shin-young asked, “How was it when you first received the script?” Kang Tae-oh said, “I’m telling the truth, I can’t read quickly and tend to read very slowly, but I read that script so fast in just one go. I felt like the lines were melting as if delicious food were smoothly passed over and melted in my mouth. I felt the warm atmosphere of the drama so well that I thought it would be great to be with this work regardless of the size or character of my role, so I told them I wanted to do it no matter what.”

extraordinary attorney woo

When asked by a listener, “Which role do you want more, Tactician Kwon Min-woo or the sub-dad Jung Myung-seok?” Kang Tae-oh said, “Both characters are so attractive. There’s really no role that can be missing from our drama. However, if I have to choose, I would choose Kwon Min-woo.” When Kim Shin-young said, “You are like an actor with various different colors,” Kang Tae-oh responded, “I’ll try my best to make that happen.”

kang tae oh

When asked by another listener, “What’s your favorite scene?” Kang Tae-oh said, “I like the scene where Jun-ho asked Woo Young-woo to go see the sunset with him. It’s the first time he asked for a date. In a way, I thought it was a scene where he has indirectly confessed. I think empathy is important, but when I think of my past, how my heart pounded when I asked someone out, and how much I thought about it, and how slippery my hands must have been because the steering wheel was wet with sweat, and I feel that feeling. I remember that scene the most,” he explained.

kang tae oh

“Kim Shin-young, Hope Song at Noon” is broadcast on MBC FM4U (91.9 MHz in the Seoul metropolitan area) from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. every day. The broadcast can also be heard through the PC and smartphone application “mini.”

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