With two more episodes until the drama ends, will “Eve” Seo Ye-ji and Park Byung-hun have a happy ending?

“Eve” has only two episodes left until it ends.

In tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve”, Lee Ra-el (Seo Ye-ji) launched an all-out offensive to destroy Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun), Han So-ra (Yoo Seon), Han Pan-ro (Jeon Kuk-hwan), and Kim Jung-chul (Jung Hae-gyun).


Here are the points that the viewers are waiting to see in the last two episodes of “Eve”.

#1. Ra-el aims at Yoon-gyeom, So-ra, Han Pan-ro, Kim Jung-chul! The final match is about to start!

Ra-el launched a revenge lawsuit against Yoon-gyeom, So-ra, Han Pan-ro, and Kim Jung-chul, signaling the final showdown. The death of Ra-el’s revenge partner Jang Moon-hee (Lee Il-hwa) died, following her parents, woke her up. 

Later Ra-el declared that she would come to the forefront as the representative of the lawsuit of the victims of LY Group on behalf of Moon-hee and began to hold the breath of the bad guys. 


However, Yoon-gyeom, So-ra, Han Pan-ro, and Kim Jung-chul, whose lives have begun to collapse, will not stay still. Will Ra-el be able to overcome all the variables and succeed in the revenge of her life?

#2. Ra-el – Yoon-gyeom, love developed in tragedy! What will be the ending for them?

Attention is drawn to how the ending of Ra-el and Yoon-gyeom will turn out to be. Ra-el approached Yoon-gyeom with a thorough calculation to enter the world of her revenge targets. However, Ra-el ended up falling into the confusing gap between love and revenge as she felt the lacking side of Yoon-gyeom, who was born out of wedlock, and his sincerity toward her.

Meanwhile, Yoon-gyeom couldn’t help but fall into Ra-el, who was the first to recognize his story and comfort him. In the latest episodes, Yoon-gyeom found out everything about Ra-el’s revenge plan but he still expressed his love for Ra-el. 


Many viewers are curious about what kind of ending the relationship between Ra-el and Yoon-gyeom, who developed feelings for each other in a tragic situation, will have.

#3. Sora – Han Pan-ro – Kim Jung-chul, how far is this reckless run gonna go?

In the past, Han Pan-ro and Kim Jung-chul killed Ra-el’s biological father, Lee Tae-joon (Cho Deok-hyun), in the process of forcibly obtaining a signature to take away Zedix.

On the other hand, So-ra kidnapped Ra-el’s mother Kim Jin-sook (Kim Jung-young), who asked her to return Zedix, in order to marry Yoon-gyeom in the past, instigating her husband’s mistress’ kidnap after making her move to another place, shocking everyone with how obsessed she is with her husband. 

Moreover, in the last episode, Sora, Han Pan-ro and Kim Jong-chul caused goose bumps by kidnapping and killing Moon-hee, who sued them, and dumping the body into the sea. But Ra-el has the evidence of all these misdeeds.

Tensions are raised over how far Sora, Han Pan-ro, and Kim Jung-chul, who are on the verge of being exposed to the world, will continue to go.


#4. Eun-pyeong’s sacrificial love towards Ra-el is in progress! What’s his next move?

Eun-pyeong felt his love for Lee Tae-joon’s daughter, Ra-el, who took care of him, an orphan, like his own son, and joined the revenge to protect her.

After accepting the presidential chief of staff’s proposal, Eun-pyeong infiltrated the world of revenge targets and pressured Sora, Han Pan-ro, and Kim Jung-chul not to harm Ra-el, and vowed to seek revenge during the live broadcast. 

In addition, Eun-pyeong catches the attention by keeping Ra-el by his side whenever she is in danger or mentally shaken. Attention is focusing on what Eun-pyeong, who is showing his “sacrificial love” for Ra-el, will show in the future.

Meanwhile, the 15th episode of “Eve” will air at 10:30 p.m. on July 20th.

Source: Daum

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