This female celebrity wore a wedding dress to the wedding of “National MC” Kang Ho Dong

The reason Park Seul Gi appeared at Kang Ho Dong’s wedding ceremony in a wedding dress.

Reporter Park Seul Gi guested on the September 25th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”.

On the show, Kang Ho Dong praised Park Seul Gi, saying “She did not ask questions only. Her preparation for the interviews was very extraordinary”.

park seulgi

Park Seul Gi is quite small with a height of only 150cm, so she decided to make herself stand out among reporters in a unique way. That’s why she purposely wore a wedding dress to attend the wedding of MC Kang Ho Dong.

kang ho dong

Not only wearing a wedding dress at someone else’s wedding ceremony, Park Seul Gi also surprised everyone when she came to report the military discharge of actor So Ji Sub with a mop hairstyle and wore a muscle doll costume at Kim Jong Kook’s discharge scene. 

park seulgi

Park Seul Gi made her debut in the entertainment industry after winning MBC’s impersonation contest in 2004 by impersonating Park Jung Hyun. Park Jung Hyun also sang a congratulatory song at Park Seul Gi’s wedding, proving their special relationship and friendship.

park seulgi

With her excellent eloquence and entertainment sense, Park Seul Gi has been active in various broadcasts and is currently a member of FC Wonder Woman on SBS’s program “Kick A Goal”. 

Source: Daum

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