Did the K-drama “Signal” mock Korea’s police investigation system? (Drama TMI)

Famous K-drama “Signal” may have contained a message that poked fun at the inefficiency of police investigation in K-dramas. 

Back in 2016, the K-drama “Signal”, which featured Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, and Cho Jin Woong, was released, and immediately became a huge hit. The investigation drama was praised for its great character development and plot progression, even defeating “Descendants of the Sun” and “Reply 1988” to win Best TV Drama at the Baeksang Arts Awards. 

lee je hoon - kim hye soo - cho jin woong signal

However, “Signal” was actually most praised for its writing, which is said to have mocked the Korean police investigation system. 

In particular, the drama shows a scene where a dedicated team was formed to handle a serious case, but all the team members and key figures only said, “This team will be gone in a few months. ”


At the time the drama was broadcast, some viewers said this scene was to criticize the way police carry out investigations as a demonstration only. It is because the public was too familiar with the scene of many special investigation teams being established but disbanded shortly later through the media.

Source: daum

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