“It was Kim Ye-won?” A drastic transformation from the Madam of “Narco-Saints” with a “500:1 competition rate”

Actress Kim Ye-won challenged a drastic transformation.

The Netflix series “Narco-Saints”, released on September 9th, tells the story of a civilian, who was falsely accused of being a drug lord in the South American nation Suriname, accepting a secret mission by the NIS.

Kim Ye-won was selected to play the Madam through a competition rate of 500 to 1, and she was indeed a scene stealer. As an actress who has accumulated her filmography through works such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” “Feel Good to Die,” “Class of Lies,” and “She Knows Everything,” Kim Ye-won showed a new appearance that she has not shown before through “Narco-Saints” this time.

Kim Ye-won is set to release the movie “Oh My Kiss” following “Narco-Saints.” Expectations are high on Kim Ye-won’s future activities to show a variety of her acting transformations.

Meanwhile, “Narco-Saints” is available on Netflix.

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