Yoo Ah In’s drug use prompted police to investigate his agency and acquaintances

According to Star News on March 15th, it was confirmed that the police have launched a witness investigation on UAA (Yoo Ah In’s agency)’s employees and people around Yoo Ah In starting this week.

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Currently, Yoo Ah In is suspected of taking 4 types of drugs. On Feb 17th, the police received a result from the National Forensic Service that Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine tested positive for drugs including marijuana, propofol, cocaine and ketamine. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the testimonies of people around him or the circumstances of drug use.

In this regard, the police sent investigators to Yoo Ah In’s actual residence in Hannam-dong from 10 AM on March 7th to secure related evidence. Afterwards, the police began to search and seize Yoo Ah In’s house in Itaewon-dong, which is the address on his resident registration, at 3:30 PM, and left the scene about 1 hour later at 4:40 PM.


Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced on March 13th, “We are analyzing the data obtained from the search and seizure of two places, including Yoo Ah In’s residence, and the data obtained from the hospital. When the analysis is completed to some extent, we will request Yoo Ah In’s attendance and investigate.” Yoo Ah In is expected to visit the police office as a suspect as early as next week.

The police plan to summon Yoo Ah In in private. According to the situation that the police have investigated, they are not considering investigating accomplices, saying, “We would do it if there was a specific clue, but there is no clue so far.

Source: Naver

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