TWICE Tzuyu picks Jeongyeon as the member she wants to scold, here’s why 

TWICE member Tzuyu recently showcased her sense of humor on a variety show.


The members of TWICE appeared on the web variety show “Idol Human Theater” recently.

On the show, leader Jihyo asked the members, “If the members were your younger siblings, who would you want to scold?” Nayeon replied, “I need to think about it,” while Jihyo laughed and said, “But we’re all too much like friends.”

However, Tzuyu honestly answered, “I think it’s Jeongyeon unnie.” At this, Jeongyeon playfully responded, “How much do you want to scold me? I’ll take the hit,” showing a cool reaction.

Then Chaeyoung guessed the reason why Tzuyu picked Jeongyeon, saying, “Maybe she’s heard too many nagging words from unnie.” To this, Tzuyu revealed a surprising reason, saying, “Because unnie is the youngest at home. So I thought she might want to be a unnie too.”

The production staff then asked Tzuyu, “Did you not understand the question?” Tzuyu firmly replied, “No,” and once again confessed that she really wanted to scold Jeongyeon, drawing laughter from everyone.

Meanwhile, Tzuyu, who is originally from Taiwan, debuted with TWICE in 2015 and gained immense popularity with songs such as “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “Likey.”

Source: Nate

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