BigHit on the participation of Jung Bobby, a composer indicted with sexual crimes, in BTS’s album “PROOF”, “No official position”

On May 10, BigHit unveiled the 2nd tracklist for BTS’s new special album “PROOF”. Immediately, the 10th track of the tracklist “Filter”, a solo song by member Jimin with the participation of composing by Jung Bobby, attracted attention. Jimin’s “Filter” was included in BTS’s fourth full album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” released in February 2020. Besides “Filter”, Jung Bobby also participated in composing songs such as “HOME”, “Answer: Love Myself”, “I’m Fine” (BTS), “Roller Coaster”, “20cm” (TXT). 


The problem, however, is that Bobby Jung was indicted last year on charges of sexually assaulting and illegally filming two ex-girlfriends, and his case is still pending.

Therefore, netizens believe that the songs of Bobby Jung, who is a suspect in the sexual assault case, should not be included in the new album because it makes him more money and has more opportunities to appeal.

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BTS is also being dragged into public criticism as the members themselves are known to have handpicked the songs for “PROOF”, and some Korean ARMYs have even declared boycott of album purchases.

BTS has been spreading the message against discrimination and violence through music. However, even after Bobby Jung’s allegations were revealed, the fact that they decided to include “Filter” in the new album is putting their sincerity into doubt.


In October last year, Jung Bobby was indicted on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes. He allegedly assaulted a woman he was dating and illegally filmed sex videos.

Police previously seized and searched Jung Bobby’s home and found a video of him having sexual intercourse with A illegally. He later admitted to assaulting A, but denies the charges of illegally filming her, saying that it was consented to by A.

In 2020, Jung Bobby was also accused of illegally filming victim B. B sued him to the prosecution, but he was cleared of charges due to insufficient evidence.

In response to this matter, BigHit spoke to Ten Asia, saying, “There is no official position of our agency regarding the controversial composer. We will discuss the songs on the album internally.”

Source: TenAsia

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