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The sad reason why Psy, who has 22 years of experience, can’t go on music shows

Singer Psy honestly revealed why it is difficult for him to appear on music shows.

Psy appeared on MBC’s entertainment show ‘Radio Star‘ in May.

Although he is a veteran singer with 22 years of experience, Psy said, “More than 100 people will come to my waiting room even if there are only about 20 junior groups come to greet me.”

“The bigger problem than greeting is the CDs that I have to give to my junior artists. I wrote different messages on 160 CDs because I couldn’t write the same message as they would read it later. After that, I couldn’t go to the broadcasting station anymore.”

Kim Gu-ra said, “I think there should be an alternative. Why don’t you give them something like a handkerchief as a gift instead of your signed CDs?”


Psy also refuted, “How can I give them a handkerchief when they gave me their CDs?” and added, “I can wrap the CD in a handkerchief. There is a reason why they give handkerchiefs at the 70th birthday parties all the time,” he emphasized.

Source: wikitree

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