BTS Jin recognized by famous U.S podcast host for having perfect body figure, “‘Mr. Shoulders’ is his nickname”

BTS Jin’s presence shone once again as he was praised for owning an impressive physique.

On the popular American comedy podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me” recently, the MC asked, “Who is ‘Mr. Shoulders’?”.

Another MC replied, “Drake?”. Drake is an American rapper famous for having a muscular body and broad shoulders. However, the third MC answered, “‘Mr. Shoulders’ is the nickname of BTS Jin!”. All the podcast hosts then looked at Jin’s picture and exclaimed, such as “Wow!”, “So cool”, “Amazing!”, “You can even do the laundry here on his abs”, etc.


Apart from BTS members and Big Hit’s former trainees Park Seo Ham and Kim Ji Hoon, Jin is known for his unrivaled beauty as the ‘best face’ in the entertainment industry as well as his excellent physique. He is praised for his outstanding physicality as well. Monsta X Shownu also recognized Jin’s golden ratio with a small head, broad square shoulders, and long legs. He also selected Jin as one of the top three idols with the best body figures. In addition, muscular singer-actor Kwon HyunBin immediately answered “BTS Jin” when asked who he thinks has the “perfect body” on the radio show “Starry Night” hosted by B1A4 Sandeul of B1A4. 

Known by the title “Worldwide Handsome”, Jin was even selected as the closing model personally picked by Virgil Abloh, men’s clothing designer and director of Louis Vuitton’s ‘2021 F/W in SEOUL Men’s Fashion Show’. 

BTS Jin thumbnail

Film director Upi Avianto and many others have praised Jin’s excellent performance at the fashion show. Jin has been featured as the thumbnail model in various videos posted on the official Louis Vuitton’s U.S. website as the show’s representative model. In addition, Jin have also decorated numerous world-renowned magazines such as Eyesmagazine, Vogue. Dazed, W Korea, GQ Korea, and Binis. Notably, W Magazine and other famous American fashion magazines even published articles highlighting BTS’s debut as Louis Vuitton models and introduced the fall collection of 2021 with Jin’s exclusive photos.

Recently, Jin was casually mentioned as “the member with the most beautiful lips” in the American medical drama series “Doogie Kamealoha, M.D”. He has naturally become a representative celebrity mentioned within American culture.

Moreover, in the TV series “La rosa de Guadalupe” by the Mexican broadcasting network Las Estrellas, the character Sara introduced Jin as the most handsome person and showed her friend his photo on her phone. In KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman” Kim Tae Kyun’s daughter exclaimed, “Is there really such a person in the world? There is no one as handsome as Jin!”. As such, Jin has consistently certified his name as one of the most handsome men in the world.

Source: Nate

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