Actresses Jeon Ji Hyun, Suzy, Park Shin Hye, and other A-list stars gather to celebrate a celebrity hairstylist’s wedding ceremony

Celebrity hairstylist Baek Heung Kwon’s wedding day gathered stellar guests, drawing attention.

On the afternoon of May 21st, stylist Baek Heung Kwon’s wedding took place in a celebratory atmosphere. The wedding quickly became the talk of the town by gathering famous actors in the entertainment industry.

A particular moment gained attention. At the wedding, three stunning actresses Park Shin Hye, Han Hyo Joo, and Suzy stood side by side for a group photo, capturing eyes. Notably, Jeon Ji Hyun also turned heads with an attractive, sultry image at the age of 42.

The wedding gathered famous guests, drawing the attention of the public
Jeon Ji Hyun
Actress Jeon Ji Hyun wore a bright pink outfit to the wedding
Actresses Suzy and Jang Hee Ryung took a photo at celebrity stylist Baek Heung Kwon’s wedding
 Park Shin Hye
Actress Park Shin Hye put on a bright smile and a classy black outfit
Kim Hye Soo
Actress Kim Hye Soo boasted a charming look at the age of 53
Han Hyo Joo
Actress Han Hyo Joo gave a big smile beside the groom
Lee Sung Kyung
Lee Sung Kyung delivered a heartfelt singing performance on the stylist’s wedding day

Source: K14 

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