Oh My Girl YooA responds to plastic surgery rumor

YooA of Oh My Girl has personally replied to allegations that she has had plastic operations involving lip fillers.

On the 5th, Oh My Girl YooA held a live broadcast on Naver’s VLIVE channel. On this day, when some netizens asked, “Did you have plastic surgery?”, YooA said, “As an idol, we always get judged. There are lots of compliments but there are quite a few hurtful comments. So I’m really conscious of my face swelling”.


YooA added, “I’m really sensitive to my swelling. There’s always a controversy over plastic surgery. I keep hearing things like, ‘Did you get lip filler, what did you put on your forehead, or did you open your eyes?’ But it’s just swelling. Our company policy is not plastic surgery. When I swell, people keep saying I’m ugly, so I’m sensitive, but I’m not feeling well, so my eyes and hands and feet swell.”

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She continued, “If I recall correctly, falling asleep in the car for just about 20 minutes was enough to make my face super puffy. I didn’t even eat much. The thing is, people would say ‘Something about YooA looks different’ when I appear at an event with a puffy face. I really don’t like receiving such accusations so I have been taking extra care of water retention since then. Now, people ask me if I have lost weight when in fact my body stopped swelling up so much.”  

Netizens who watched YooA’s broadcast responded by saying, “Isn’t there a health problem if you’re swollen that much?” “I think you’re prone to swelling, but you must be stressed out,” and “What does it matter if you didn’t do it yourself?”

Source: Nate

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