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“Immortal Songs” Ko Woo Rim “My wife Kim Yuna cheered me on”

“Kim Yuna’s husband” Forestella Ko Woo Rim slightly revealed the sweet newlywed life with his wife.

KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs”, which aired on Dec 10th, was decorated as the special episode “The One & Only Artist Patti Kim”. In the third part, Ock Joo Hyun, Seo J, Forestella and Xdinary Heroes appeared and competed by performances reinterpreting Patti Kim’s masterpieces.

Forestella was the first to perform. MC Shin Dong Yup, who hosted the wedding of “figure skating queen” Kim Yuna and Forestella Ko Woo Rim, joked, “One of the three greatest thieves was enthroned, following Han Ga In’s husband Yeon Jung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee’s husband Rain.”

immortal song

After Shin Dong Yup’s introduction, Forestella earnestly sang Patti Kim’s debut song “Vow of Love”. After the stage, Shin Dong Yup once again introduced Forestella Ko Woo Rim as “Kim Yuna’s husband”. Then Patti Kim praised, “I think it’s the opposite. Kim Yuna got a handsome husband who is good at singing.” Shin Dong Yup caused laughter by adding, “You can’t call that person (Kim Yuna) a ‘thief’.”

Shin Dong Yup recalled, “I was happy and honored the whole time hosting their wedding. They’re really a good-looking couple.” Afterward, he asked, “How did Kim Yuna react to your appearance on ‘Immortal Songs’ today?” Ko Woo Rim answered, “This is my first entertainment show appearance since the wedding. Actually, I was worried about many things, but she cheered me on, ‘Perform comfortably.’

After a while, Patti Kim gave him advice, “If you have a couple fight, you have to say, ‘I’m sorry, it’s my fault.’ You shouldn’t disappear for a few days.” Hearing this, Ko Woo Rim replied, “I won’t do that.”

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