NewJeans Minji made a shocking confession, “I’ve never eaten bibimmyeon or kalguksu. I’m a little afraid of trying new food”

NewJeans member Minji said she had never tried bibimmyeon, kongguksu and kalguksu.

On December 9th, a behind-the-scenes video of a recent photoshoot was uploaded on the Youtube channel of the girl group NewJeans.

In the video, Minji asked Hyein, “Have you tried bibimmyeon (a kind of spicy noodles) before?”. In response, Hyein wondered, “Is there even anyone who hasn’t had it before?”.

newjeans minji

When Minji nodded her head, Hyein asked, “Who…?”. Minji said, “Me. I haven’t tried it”.

Hyein reacted, “Unnie, how could you have never tried bibimmyeon in your life? Bibimmyeon is really good!”.

Minji continued to ask, “Have you had makguksu (buckwheat noodles) before?”, Hyein replied, “Yes”. Even when Minji asked, “Have you had Chuncheon makguksu before?”, Hyein also said “Yes!”.

newjeans minji

This time, Hyein asked back, “Unnie, have you had kongguksu (cold bean-soup noodles) before?”. Minji responded, “No, I haven’t tried that”. Hyein said, “To be honest, neither have I”, drawing laughter.

Minji added, “I haven’t even had kalguksu (handmade chopped noodles) before!”

Later, she confessed, “I’m a little afraid of trying new food.”

Source: Nate

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