BTS J-Hope sent “this thing” instead of a coffee truck to his close friend’s concert… Everyone was surprised at the menu selection

BTS J-Hope featured in singer Crush’s song “Rush Hour”, which was released last September.

Crush appeared on various broadcasts after the release of the song and revealed, “I suggested to J-Hope that we work together.

Crush and J-Hope continued their relationship by filming the music video and choreography challenge video for “Rush Hour” together.


J-Hope, who is considered a “loyal man” among BTS members, continues to maintain his friendship with Crush even after “Rush Hour” activities are over.

On Dec 10th, Crush posted several photos through his Instagram story.

Crush J-hope

The photos showed gifts from J-Hope to Crush, who will be holding a concert at the multi-purpose hall of Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, Gwangju on the same day.

For fans who came to Crush’s concert, J-Hope prepared “Bungeoppang truck” and drinks instead of “Coffee truck”.

crush instagram

J-Hope caused laughter by writing on the banner he sent along with “Bungeoppang truck”, “Everyone… has at least one crush in their heart… Please enjoy Bungeoppang…

J-Hope also showed his sincerity in preparing stickers made from self-camera photos taken by himself and Crush.

crush instagram

Deeply moved by J-Hope’s sensible gifts, Crush said “You’re really the best. Thank you” and tagged J-Hope’s Instagram account.

J-Hope’s hometown is Gwangju, and he has always expressed pride in his hometown.

crush instagram

It seems that J-Hope gave big gifts for Crush, who will be holding a concert in Gwangju.

Seeing their friendship, many fans cheered loudly with reactions such as “It’s fresh that it’s not a coffee truck, but a Bungeoppang truck“, “It’s perfect for the weather these days” and “J-Hope’s sense is perfect.

crush instagram

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