“Hyo Ri is scary!” The crying 5-year-old child actress then surprised everyone after 8 years

There was a child actress who got all attention on her after appearing in Lee Hyo Ri’s “Bad Girls” music video.

Lee Go Eun was 5 years old at the time. When asked, “How was Lee Hyo Ri during the shoot?” Lee Go Eun said, “I was a little scared. She kept taking my things.” During the filming of the music video then, there was a rumor that little Lee Go Eun actually burst into tears when Lee Hyo Ri kept taking away her makeup tools according to the concept.

However, despite her young age, Lee Go Eun received lots of attention with her perfect performance for the music video. Lee Go Eun appears in the music video “Bad Girl” from 00:37.

Lee Go-eun

After that, Lee Go Eun debuted as an actress in the tvN drama “Misaeng” in 2014 and played the role of Park Cho Rong in MBC’s “Rosy Lovers.”

Lee Go Eun recently posted a photo on her Instagram, announcing that she recently entered middle school.

Lee Go-eun

Netizens who saw the photo responded, “It’s amazing how she is already a middle school student.

Lee Go Eun also released a new profile photo that she recently took. In the photo, Lee Go Eun surprised the public with how fast she has grown.

Lee Go-eun

On the other hand, Lee Go Eun is actively continuing her acting activities by playing the role of Oh Yeo Jin in MBC’s “The Golden Spoon” last year.

Source: Awesomecle

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