BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mother: Wife Of Famous Chef & Devoted Mom Who Protects Daughter From Controversies

It’s not exaggerated to say that BLACKPINK’s Lisa could get to her current position thanks to the great support from her mother

Despite fans’ concerns and controversies, Lisa still completed her Crazy Horse cabaret show in Paris with enthusiastic cheers from her family and friends. One of the special guests who attended all of Lisa’s performances was her mom. Right after the shows ended, netizens began to search for information about Lisa’s mother.

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Marrying a famous chef, Mom is Lisa’s spiritual pillar and inspiration

Lisa’s mother is Chitthip Bruschweiler. Manobal is her surname before remarrying the famous Swiss chef Marco Bruschweiler. She divorced Lisa’s biological father when Lisa was very young. After her remarriage, she doesn’t have any children with Chef Marco and has been focusing on raising Lisa. Mom and Stepfather always supported Lisa’s dream by taking her to the dance academy every day. The two often come to Korea to visit their precious daughter.

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It is known that Mrs. Chitthip was the person who inspired Lisa to pursue music and dance. In the past, she managed the family’s finances so that Lisa could only focus on her career. After Lisa grew up and became successful, she decided to transfer all the assets to her daughter. Mom has always been a pillar of spirituality for Lisa by appearing at almost all the important events in Lisa’s life and career. 

Regarding her beloved daughter, Mrs. Chitthip proudly shared, “I appreciate everything she did for our family. She’s my pride and my happiness”. Lisa also prioritizes her family. The BLACKPINK member once confessed, “Mom asked me whether I was happy, whether I was satisfied with everything in my life. Her question made me feel so happy”. Lisa also posted photos taken with Mom on her social media and drew admiration for their loveliness.

Lisa was afraid of revealing her body because of Mom

lisa blackpink mom

In the past, Lisa barely posted any bikini photos on SNS even though she is well-known for her flawless body figure. The maknae of BLACKPINK explained that she couldn’t share her bikini photos because she was afraid that Mom would scold her. However, after being embroiled in dating rumors with Frédéric Arnault, the heir to LVMH and CEO of TAG Heuer, Lisa began to showcase her sexy image more confidently.

Mom’s unexpected reaction to Lisa’s Crazy Horse show

According to MC Woody, Lisa’s mother was very excited when watching her daughter’s performances. She kept exclaiming “Wow”, and shouted happily whenever Lisa appeared. Mrs. Chitthip even whispered to Woody, saying “I thought it would be sexier”, and showed a happy expression after the show ended.

lisa blackpink -family

Right after Lisa completed her shows, her mother suddenly deleted her personal Instagram account. It is because netizens began to criticize her and raised doubts about her reactions to Lisa’s 19+ performance although she used to scold the female idol for wearing revealing clothes. In the end, Mom is still the person who understands Lisa and supports her career the most. It seems like Lisa’s mother decided to delete the account as malicious comments began to appear.

Source: K14

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